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Reading Glasses

 Magnifying lenses which are used to treat mild hyperopia and presbyopia, normally referred to as reading glasses, can be bought off the shelf. Most reading glasses are made to an individual prescription, based on degree of myopia or hyperopia combined with astigmatism if applicable. Lenses can be ground to specific prescriptions, but in some cases standard off-the-shelf prescriptions suffice, though they require custom fitting to particular frames.

Color is a place to start when choosing your reading glasses. Why choose dull black, brown or gray when colors like fuchsia and bright green are available? Reading glasses come in any color imaginable. Choose one that screams ‘I am a fun person!’. Besides single colored eyeglases frames there are options such as hand painted designs. A popular eyeglasses design is a floral pattern, but almost anything can be added with hand painting. Find someone who specializes in painting glasses and tell them what you want for your reading glasses. Getting creative with the color is one of the ways to add more pizzazz to your reading glasses, also called prescription sunglasses.