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Progressive Glasses

A Rimless Eyeglass Perfectly Fits on Everybody

Progressive glasses are prescribed to people who have more than one vision problem. Bifocals are the most popular form of progressive lenses. Bifocals allow people to see things in the distance as well as close up. People who wear bifocals often have to wear their glasses all the time. Bifocals were invented in an effort to eliminate the need of purchasing two separate pairs of eyeglasses and switching back and forth as a person changed activities. More than half of the people who wear eyeglasses wear bifocals.

These progresssive glasses lenses combine three visions all in one lens. The distance and reading portions of the lens blend together with a gradual progression from one to the other, giving a third area of the lens, intermediate vision which allows for clear vision at arms distance, so providing glasses to see in the far, middle and near distance with no dividing lines or segments – just one simple lens for all uses.