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When you are informed about your refractive error, your search for well suited new glasses begins with a lush pace. Looking amongst a wide variety of glasses frames is a must. But keeping all other things aside, one should strictly adhere to the prescription advised. Glasses prescription stated by your ophthalmologist specifies the refractive power in accordance with which each lens should be made to correct the blurred or defective vision. This incorrect vision is caused due to various eye disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.

One of the important considerations while going in for new glasses is its composition. Its composition should not only empower the glass but also should contribute to enhancement of the buyerís look. A strict adherence to the prescription is a must to avoid dire consequences. A wrongly chosen eyeglass can distort your vision for a life time leading to a never correcting refractive error. Titanium and metal frames are mostly preferred over plastic frames since they throw in a comfortable and flexible advantage. Plastic frames are light and durable but canít bed to fit in customer satisfaction.

After analyzing the composition of the eyeglass, its overall weight must be computed. Heavy weighted glasses lead to uneasiness and an inward bulge over the nose, in addition May sometime lead to disfiguring your cheekbone. Large lens and heavy frames add to the overall weight of eyewear. If you truly need thick lens, go in for the smallest diameter lens which looks good on you. The resistance of glass lenses is the least owing to its fragile nature. Polycarbonate (plastic) lens are durable and resistant but command undue care to avoid scratches. If you are an outgoing person and remain under the sun most of the time, you may opt for photoreactive tinting of your glass which darkens in bright light (sun) giving a soothing relief to your eyes. Metal frames can withstand vigorous bending without much damage.

The assemblage of the frame and lenses should be according to the prescription which will eventually help correct eye disorder speedily. Evaluating the disorder and the refractive error involves a technique called retinoscopy wherein the patientís eye is exposed to a machine which efficiently evaluated the degree of disorder. Concluding this article, choice of eyewear should conform to prescription. And not less, there are plenty variety available to keep the customer satisfied.