Tinted Sunglasses.

These prescription sunglasses are more than a style statement and moreover it Protects from harmful UV sunrays light and is very much important to prevent the damage to the lens or eye ratina. There is an ever-increasing scientific anxiety at the enlarging size of the ozone hole and the lessening of the ozone layer now exposes us all to greater risk. A tint alone on a pair of prescription sunglasses will not block UV rays. All it will do is put the eyes in the shade allowing your pupils to dilate more and let in more available light which equals more damaging UV rays and thus saving your eyes from the very harmful ultra violet rays. Tints work by filtering light and each tint filters light differently. Light to medium shades are good for daily wear. For bright conditions and outdoor sports, darker shades are more appropriate. A tint alone only helps in reducing glare and improving visibility.

Tints are cooperative in enhancing contrast, dropping glare, shimmering bright light or improving visibility on hazy or overcast days. The sodium yellow material provides excellent contrast and depth perception in low intensity light. This is a great tint for skiers and shooter on overcast days.Grey is a neutral, general-purpose tint, popular with golfers, cyclists and runners. Grey does not enhance contrast. Brown provides good contrast in hazy sunshine. Brown is also suitable for anglers, sailors, skiers and in other sports where there is high-glare. Green is a neutral, general-purpose tint that provides some contrast in low light and can help reduce eyestrain under bright lights. It can soften harsh bright light to relieve eye strain,

You can also specify the percentage of darkness and then just enter that percentage in the order comment field. The tinted prescription sunglasses are available at your doorsteps after the order is made on to the site.