How to clean your eyeglasses

Protecting glasses is as important as fitting a pair of glasses, and protecting your glasses does not mean clear your eyeglasses as frequently as possible, you should clear your eyeglasses in the right way:

  1. Use the special glasses cloth to wipe your eyeglasses;
  2. When your glasses are wet by rain or perspiration, you should wipe the lenses towards the same direction;
  3. Do not put your eyeglasses in the humid surrounding or completely exposed to the sunlight;
  4. Use your both hands to take off your eyeglasses, and let the lenses upword;
  5. If the screws are loosed, tight them in time;
  6. If your eyeglasses are tint added, do not dip it in deliquescent liquid, or the tint will be damaged.
  7. Wash your eyeglasses with pure water and dry it with special eye glasses cloth.