What makes discount eyeglasses so popular?

Until recently, prescription eyeglasses could only be purchased after visiting an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Prices for a standard exam alone started around $400.00 and the limited selection of eyeglasses at the Ophthalmologist further discouraged the entire visit. To have glasses was to own one pair only.
Now, eyeglasses, even such strong prescriptions as bi-focal, can be easily found and ordered online. People are buying two and three pairs of eyeglasses for the previous price of one pair. Standard, and boring, eyeglass frames have given way to spectacularly unique fashion statements. Eyeglasses have become part of an outfit, and it is not uncommon for people to have multiple pairs that match or compliment their clothing.

Eyeglass popularity has also continued to grow with more and more thrill seekers searching for faster and bigger sports. Specialty eyeglass wear includes eyewear for skiing, fishing, hiking, water sports such as jet skiing, biking, and even mountain climbing. Sports glasses such as racquetball and archery are very specialized.

Discount eyeglasses have also become very popular due to the ability to locate and buy strong brand names that provide a high standard of quality, for just a fraction of their previous price. Strong brand names such as Oakley or Gucci assure the buyer that the eyeglasses will be superior in durability and fashion. New product materials, colors and shapes continue to be developed.

Sunglasses popularity also continues to be on the rise with the ever-increasing yearly recommendations to further shield and obtain proper UV protection for our eyes.

Discount eyeglasses are immensely popular so each person can find the exact pair that is perfect for them, and pay a fraction of the price.