What Do Eyeglasses Consumer Reports Say?

Most eyeglass frames cost more money than a consumer is willing to pay. The fancier the frames the more you have to pay for them and when you add special lenses as well as coatings then the costs will rise to more than you can afford.

If you are thinking about shopping for spectacles then you should find out more about what do eyeglasses consumer reports say? The first thing that consumer reports say is that one should not concentrate on brands because these cost a lot of money.
However, branded items also make for excellent fashion accessories and this is one of the reasons why they are so much in demand. If you go out and buy a branded pair you can end up paying many hundreds of dollars for them. The funny thing is that companies that design and manufacture them normally make the same items for both designers and for ordinary manufacturers. So, the only difference is that one type has a brand name on it while the other does not. You are only paying more for the brand name.

Secondly, consumer reports say that if you want to buy good pair then you should shop at discount stores. Only 38 percent of American buyers purchase their glasses from a doctor or optometrist. Most Americans are choosing to buy their spectacles from discount stores. The funny part is a majority of these buyers are actually satisfied with their purchase.

Thirdly, consumer reports advise buyers to look for eyeglasses at online stores. The simple truth is that more and more people are buying their spectacles from online stores. These stores try to keep their prices as low as possible and will sell you good quality items at prices that you just cannot resist. The nice thing about buying your eyeglasses online is that you can take advantage of the try and buy offers, which allow you to request as many as 5 pairs to try them on at your home for 5 days. Online stores are a good option also because they have a wider selection of items for you to choose from. You can buy a good pair at a very reasonable price and the truth is that most people who have shopped online for their eyeglasses say that they will shop again at an online store for their next pair of glasses.

However, not everyone is going to like buying his or her eyeglasses online. If you prescription is quite complex then you may be better off buying your glasses from an optician’s store. Online sellers are also not in a position to adjust your frames or offer personalized service.

Consumer reports also advise buyers to check the quality of their eyeglasses before buying them. For those who wish to purchase wire frames the consumer reports suggest that one should opt for titanium frames as these are strong and they also do not corrode and they are also very light in weight.

Finally, going by what consumer reports are saying you should also ask about insurance and you should take advantage of online store’s coupons as well as special 70 percent off deals. This will allow you to buy a second pair which can act as a backup should something go wrong with your primary pair.