Tinted Prescription Sunglasses Are Convenient and Safe To Use

Before choosing tinted prescription sunglasses, you must first look for a pair that is convenient and safe as well as functional. There are many people who prefer not to buy prescription sunglasses. However, they should realize that they need to protect their eyes against the dangerous UV rays of the sun. If you do not protect your eyes, you can easily damage them which is a good reason why it pays to look for a suitable pair of tinted prescription sunglasses.

The good news is that there are a number of affordable options available to those who are interested in protecting their eyes. Rather than pay to buy magnetic clip on attachments, it makes more sense to pick a pair of prescription sunglasses with tinted lenses.

Tinted prescription sunglasses use lenses which have previously been dipped in special liquids that contain a tinting material. The lenses will then slowly absorb the tinting color and when the absorption is complete the lenses will have a desired tint color. To get a darker tint, the lenses have to be dipped in the tinting material for a longer period of time.

Of course, different lens materials have to be treated in different ways. Also it is up to manufacturers to decide what kind of color they want for their tinted lenses. There are two types of tints. The first type is solid and the second is gradient. The former type makes use of uniform colors on the lens. The latter type has a darker tint on the top of the lens while the tinting shade becomes lighter as it comes down.
When choosing tinted prescription sunglasses most people prefer certain kinds of tints. These include brown, grey and yellow as well as rose, green and amber. It is important to pick a suitable tint because the wrong choice can detract from your looks. If you have a fair complexion then you should buy tinted glasses in warm colors such as magenta, green, blue and purple as well as red.

If you want to look stylish then you will do well to choose tints in the colors of light pink, grey, brown and yellow as well as rose. If you are going to use the glasses when driving then you must not buy dark solid tints which have tint intensity of between eighty and ninety percent. Medium tints of intensity of between fifty and sixty percent are a better option.