These Tips Will Help You Buy Prescription Glasses Online

If you are buying prescription glasses online for the first time then you may be confused by all the options available to you. The following will help you buy your glasses online and these tips will also make it easy for you to pick the best prescription glasses.

The first thing that you need to do is to have your eyes examined by an eye doctor. This will enable you to know your prescription and that in turn will help you buy the best glasses at an online store. When undergoing your eye examination makes sure that you ask your doctor to measure your PD or pupillary distance.
If you are already using glasses then you can use your existing pair to know what frame style is best for you. You can also note down the numbers that are written on the arms of your glasses to know the frame distance, bridge width and the width of each lens.

The next thing you need to do before you actually buy prescription glasses online is to ask your eye doctor to give you prescription in writing. With the prescription in hand, it is then time for you to set some time aside so that you are able to browse the different sites and once you have found a suitable site you can then start browsing through its collection of glasses.

When you find a pair that you think you would like to buy make sure that it matches the numbers that you noted down earlier. Make sure that the measurements of your new glasses are exactly the same as the measurements you noted down earlier.

After finding a suitable frame, you will then need to enter your prescription details. Make sure that you provide the exact prescription details, as any discrepancy in numbers will render your purchase useless.
When the time comes to buy prescription glasses online you must, before you place your order, scout around the Internet for some applicable coupon codes. These codes will help you save up to fifteen percent off the cost of the glasses. It is not hard to find coupon codes. All that you need to do in order to find the right coupon code is conduct a basic search of the major search engines. A coupon code will certainly help you make your purchase for a lower price.

The final step to buying your glasses from an online store is of course to place your order. Once you place your order all that you need to do is wait for the order to be delivered to your doorstep. Whether you order your glasses from an online store or from a regular optician’s store, you will have to wait for your order to be processed. A good online store will normally deliver your order in a few days time though you may have to wait longer. It all depends on whom you buy the prescription glasses from.

Essentially, when shopping for your glasses from an online store you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all you need to be aware about what style suits you. Secondly, you need to have your latest prescription and thirdly, you need to know which type of frame complements your facial shape the best. You also need to know what size and shape of frame is best for your face. Finally, before you make your purchase make sure that you understand the site’s return policies and pricing methods.