Men’s Eyeglasses Trends 2017: What’s Hot?

When it comes to deciding what’s hot in men’s eyeglasses trends 2016, the first thing that comes to mind is that today men are looking for eyewear that is much more than a vision aid. They are looking for glasses that are fashionable and they are also looking for something that will make other people take notice of them. Men are also looking for eyeglasses that are glamorous and hence they tend to gravitate towards buying frames that are strong and which also help to enhance their personal styles.

Designers are also coming up with new and exciting men’s eyeglasses and they are using some very attractive materials and vibrant colors. So, it is not surprising to see that when you start looking for men’s eyeglasses these days that you will find some very new forms to choose from. It is also not uncommon to find thin and slender frames fitted with wide lenses. The temples are also very ornate and have filigree work done of them. These kinds of men’s eyeglasses trends 2016 glasses make a man look very fresh as well as dynamic.

In 2016, it is also common to come across men’s eyeglasses that have some very unconventional combinations. Frames in Havana brown color are now being dressed up with nice colors including blue and red. These kinds of frames look very attractive and nice.

There are also very many new shades of grey frames available for men who want to wear eyeglasses that are sporty and ideal for street wear. These kinds of glasses are also well suited for practically every kind of men’s attire.
Another thing that we notice about men’s eyeglasses trends 2016 is that designers are making frames with different materials. These frames are skillfully made with both metal and acetate – both of which make the frames varied as well as very versatile. Frames made out of wood are also very popular and they help to make the wearer look very glamorous.

From the eighties till the present, not many men opted for frames which had temples made out of glass. However, in 2016, new eyeglass models are being offered to male buyers and these models use glass temples with simple stripes on them. The focus of these glasses is not so much on the frame as on the side elements of the frame.

Men who part their hair in two sides down the center of their heads will do well to look for glasses that are very colorful. Black colored frames as too grey and brown frames are becoming very popular. These frames make the man look elegant as well as very classy.

Finally, any discussion about men’s eyeglasses trends 2016 would be incomplete without mentioning round eyeglasses that are the true embodiment of classic men’s eyeglass frame styles. Today, round glass frames are being offered with different color options including classic black as well as lilac. The end result is that these glasses make men look very fresh and handsome.

The bottom line is that when you look at what is hot this season in men’s eyewear the thing that strikes you the most is that modern frames are being offered in very exciting material combinations and a lot of new color options are also being made available to the discerning male buyer.