Many Materials to Choose from When Buying Prescription Glasses

Before you buy your prescription eyeglasses you should spend sometime in choosing the best frame material for your glasses. There are a few desirable frame materials that you should be aware about including plastic, metal and silver. The right frame material will do much to enhance your personality. So, choose it wisely because each material has certain unique characteristics and is special as well as very unique.

Plastic frame material is very popular because it is very light in weight and is also very affordable. Plastic frames are very popular among those who like to wear rainbow colored frames. Plastic is also very fashionable and there are quite a few other color options available including light colors, which help to make your frames look less obvious.
Nylon plastic is also an option worth exploring. The thing that sets this frame material apart is that it is hypoallergenic. When you compare nylon plastic to regular plastic you will notice that is offers a glossier option and is transparent as well as very light in weight. Prescription glasses with plastic frames are popular among sports persons because they contain certain materials that are very resistant to both heat and cold and in addition they offer a more flexible solution than other frame materials.
Metal frames are also worth taking a closer look at. In particular, you should look at a material called Monel, which is made up of many different metals. This particular metal frame material offers benefits like being corrosion resistant and also very malleable. Monel is also hypoallergenic and so if your skin is very sensitive then be sure to check this material out. If your skin rubs against Monel frames you won’t feel a reaction. Titanium is also a metal option that offers benefits like being very light in weight and in addition it offers the benefit of being very durable. Titanium frames are also resistant to corrosion and they are exceptionally strong. The nice thing about wearing prescription glasses that have titanium frames is that the frames will prove to be very versatile and they are also designed to be hypoallergenic.
Flexon is another option available to those who want to wear metal frames. This material is known as a memory metal that retains its original shape even after you bend or twist it with excessive force.
Finally, you should think about choosing silver frames. This is an unconventional frame material but it is chosen because it is very unique. However, silver frames are rather expensive and not everyone can afford them. Silver offers the benefit of being very stiff and at the same time it is a material that is also very classy and expensive looking.
Some people opt for prescription glasses with wooden frames. Others opt for buffalo horn material or even bone. The nice thing about these frame materials is that they are made by hand and so they are very unique. These materials are however rather stiff and so cannot be adjusted. Even so, they are very appealing and hence an option that some people opt for.