How to buy kids eyeglasses

When the time comes to buy kids eyeglasses parents will have many options to choose from. The first thing that you need to do is find out what is good for your child and what is not. In addition, it also makes sense to involve your child in the selection process. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right item for your child.

When choosing kids eyeglasses you will find that most parents prefer giving their kids a pair that is fitted with polycarbonate lenses. The main reason why you too should choose these lenses is that they are very impact resistant and hence will not break easily. Unlike glass or plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses will not break and this means that there is a lower chance that your child will suffer an eye injury because of broken lenses. Polycarbonate also happens to be much lighter as well as thinner than ordinary plastic lenses and hence is more appealing and functional. The nice thing about choosing these lenses is that they have in-built UV sun protection.

It also pays to give your child a pair that has scratch resistant coating on the lenses. Though most polycarbonate lenses have some degree of resistant coating on them, when you are going to buy kids eyeglasses you will want to get an extra scratch resistant coating. This coating will ensure that the lenses do not get spoiled by scratches.
Thirdly, when choosing a pair of corrective vision eyewear for your child you should also make sure that they are fitted with silicone nose pads. These nose-pads are very soft and they increase the comfort quotient of the pair. They also come with anti-slip surfaces which ensure that the eyewear remains in place and in this way help to improve the vision of your child.

Kid’s eyeglasses should also be fitted with spring hinges. These hinges will make it easy for the temples to bend in an outward direction. So, when the child puts on or takes off the glasses there is a very low chance that they will break their eyewear. You should also choose glasses that are made from flexible metal as these also help to reduce the chance of the frame breaking. Of course, such frames are costlier but in the long run they work out to be cheaper as you will not have to spend extra on buying a new pair to replace one that has broken.

You should also pick an item that has a tint. This tint will ensure that the right amount of light enters the lens and in this way protects your child’s eyes. If your child spends a lot of time outdoors then you may want to buy them a pair with photochromic lenses. This allows you to save money as you will not need to buy the child sunglasses for use in the outdoors. Photochromic lenses will darken in bright light and lighten when lighting conditions are poor. If you want to save money then you can even think about buying the child clip-ons which can be fixed to the kid’s eyeglass frames to keep bright sunlight out.

Before you choose a pair of eyewear for your child you must also take a close look at the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Different manufacturers offer different kinds of warranties. At the very least, you should expect the manufacturer to provide a one year warranty.

There are also certain other issues that you need to address at the time of buying kids eyeglasses. These concerns include durability as well as safety. If you are not sure about how to buy the right pair you should ask a pediatric optometrist for help and advice. To choose the proper eyewear you need to understand that glasses must prove to be a good fit. Unless the pair fits well there is no sense in buying a particular pair. secondly, you also need to understand that children tend to be rough with their things including their eyewear. So, make sure that you are buying them a pair that is durable and strong. As already mentioned, you should opt for polycarbonate lenses and these should have scratch resistant coating. The frame should ideally be made out of metal or titanium as they offer strength and durability. If you child plays a lot of sports then you may want to make them wear sports frames.
You should also ask your child for their inputs regarding a particular pair. Children will readily wear items that make them look good and which they like. So, be sure to ask your child whether they are happy wearing a particular pair. When buying kids eyeglasses, you should also be very patient. Children don’t take much time in selecting a frame. However, you should set aside enough time to make sure that you are indeed buying the right pair for your child. Children are very fussy about what they wear and they might show reluctance in wearing a pair that has the best frame and lenses. So, exercise care when buying them a pair.