How to choose the right pair of bifocal eyeglasses?

Are you trying to find out how to choose the right pair of bifocal eyeglasses? If so, then there are a few interesting facts that you need to be aware of. Bifocals were invented by Benjamin Franklin. He was having difficulty in seeing things at a distance and close up. Instead of using two separate pairs of eyeglasses, he decided to come up with a solution of his own. He used two lenses that were fitted into a single frame.

What To Know Before Buying Bifocal Glasses

Bifocal glasses have two points of focus, which help people to see both things close at hand and things far away. Bifocals are used mostly by people who, according to an optometrist, have weak eyesight from both aspects. They reduce the burden from the patient, as he has to keep just one pair of glasses for both purposes, rather than keeping two. There are no worries that one pair of glasses might get lost or broken. The most common problem… Read moreWhat To Know Before Buying Bifocal Glasses

The Advantages of Progressive Glasses

As we age our health changes in a number of ways. With the many advances in the medical field and technology things such as eye problems and complications are becoming easier and easier to treat. Items such as trifocals and bifocals have taken greater strides than have seen much advancement. Perhaps one of the newest types of technology being adopted is progressive lenses. Progressive glasses can offer any meaning to multifocal glasses. The lenses of these prescription glasses are seamless and… Read moreThe Advantages of Progressive Glasses

How do I know if I need bifocal eyeglasses or not?

Various types of glasses are available for different type of people. These types are in demand by different age groups. Talking about the bifocal eyeglasses, these glasses are normally used by the old age people. Considering the current trends in eye wear industry; the rimless, heavy dark frames, smart and sensitive frames- these are some of the common types of eye glasses used all around the world in these times. Bifocal is not a new concept, its being used by… Read moreHow do I know if I need bifocal eyeglasses or not?

New Ranges Of Bifocal Glasses Arrived

Bifocal sunglasses are ultimate solution for both sort of eye sight problem (near & far). So, bifocal sunglasses undoubtedly contain high-power and must be handled delicately. So, the premier online eyeglass shop ‘’ always takes the best possible care of bifocal eyeglasses. The company regularly keeps this segment updated. Today again, company has announced arrival of new ranges of bifocal eyeglasses.