An Introduction to Eyeglass Lens Coatings

It certainly makes sense to add the right lens coatings to your eyeglasses. You can opt for a coating that provides protection to the lenses and there are also some coatings that help you see better. No matter what kind of coating you opt for, the following will help you make the right choices.

The first thing that you need to do is find out more about different types of coatings. There are essentially just three different types of coatings that you need to be aware about. The first is the anti-reflective coating while the second is the scratch resistant coating and the third type is the UV protective coating. When choosing a suitable lens coating just makes sure that you pick one that provides maximum protection to your lenses as well as your eyes. The nice part about choosing a suitable coating is that you can add new coatings as and when required.

Anti-reflective coating is one of the most popular types of eyeglass lens coatings. This kind of coating uses metal oxides that are added to the front and to the back surface of your lenses. The use of this kind of coating offers a number of benefits. For one, it helps you see better at night and it also makes sitting in front of your computer screen less problematic. The best part about using anti-reflective coating is that it cuts glare from the lenses and that in turn ensures that others can clearly see your eyes at all times. Anti-reflective coating also ensures that you can wear your glasses while being photographed because your eyes will still be visible in spite of glaring lighting conditions. This kind of coating also works wonders when applied on high-index lenses.

It is also possible to apply anti-reflective coating to your sunshades. When this kind of eyeglass lens coatings is applied a hydrophobic layer will be added, and that ensures that the lenses are able to repel water. A second layer can also be added if you wish to repel oil and prevent smudging. After adding this kind of coating to your glasses you must make sure that you keep the lenses clean at all times. Don’t make the mistake of wiping the
lenses coated with anti-reflective coating on your shirt as that can result in unwanted scratches on the lenses.

Scratch resistant coating is another important coating option available to you. This kind of coating is especially useful when you want your child to wear a pair of glasses to correct his or her vision. Since children tend to use their glasses very roughly it makes sense to apply scratch resistant coating on their lenses. However, this kind of coating does not absolutely guarantee that your glasses will never ever be scratched. All it does is minimize the chances of the lenses being scratched.

We all know that UV rays from the sun are very harmful to the eyes. One way of protecting your eyes from these dangerous rays is by applying UV protective lens coating on your lenses.

Now that you know a little bit about different eyeglass lens coatings, you can now shop for your eyeglasses with confidence. Using the information provided above you can choose which kind of coating is best for your needs.