All about buying kids glasses

Though it is not common for children to wear glasses there are still many that need to correct their vision problem at an early age. If your child’s doctor has determined that your child needs to wear glasses then you have to be careful about what you buy them. If you want to ensure that your child’s eyes are protected then it makes sense to have their eyes screened as soon as they start going to school. This screening will help to identify an eye condition at a very early age.

Some parents tend to worry that making their children wear glasses will make the child’s eyes lazy. The truth is that kid’s glasses go a long way in correcting your child’s vision. Sometimes an eye condition can run in a particular family. If this happens to be the case with you then you should make sure that you take measures that will help to correct your child’s vision at an early stage.

Typically, a child with vision problems will suffer from blurred or double vision. They may also find that they have to rub their eyes even when they are not tired. This is another sign that shows that your child has a vision problem. Similarly, if your child becomes clumsy or when their hand to eye coordination is poor; this is also another sign that your child needs to have their vision corrected. Once it has been determined that your child needs to wear glasses you must then as a concerned parent make sure that the child does in fact wear their glasses.
An optometrist is the right person to recommend when the child should wear their glasses. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the child to wear glasses all the time; other times, they may only need to wear the glasses for particular activities like reading and sitting in front of a computer screen. It makes sense for parents to inform the teacher about the need for their child to wear glasses.

When the time comes to buy your child a new pair of kids glasses you may become confused by all the options available to you. There are loads of children’s eyeglass frames to choose from and you also need to find a pair that the child is willing to wear and of course you also need to look for something that is strong and durable. Most children suffer from nearsightedness though some may have a farsightedness problem. An eye doctor will recommend the amount of visual correction required to correct your child’s vision problem.

Before buying kids glasses you must also spend some time to determine what the best lens thickness is. Also, make sure that you understand that eyeglass prescription is the main consideration when selecting kids glasses. If your child has weak eyes then they would require strong prescription which in turn means that they will need to buy lenses that are quite thick. In such cases, the parent must ensure that they buy the child small frames in order to reduce the final thickness of the lenses. Small lenses also have very little higher-order aberrations and so there is nothing to be worried about in regard to the child developing blurred or inaccurate vision.
Secondly, before buying kids glasses parents must make sure that they are buying items that are fashionable. Whether your child needs to wear glasses all of the time or only some of the time, you must makes sure that they buy the child a pair that makes them look smart attractive and cool. It pays to keep in mind the fact that it is important to ensure that the child does not mind wearing glasses. One way of ensuring this is by giving them a pair that is cool and fashionable.

Thirdly, when you go out to buy kids glasses you must also make sure that you are buying them a pair that is made from the right material. Most children’s frames are either made out of plastic or metal. Also double bridge frames are more suitable for boys while single bridge frames are more suitable for girls. At one time, plastic frames were the most popular option when it came to buying kids glasses. These frames were more durable and they would not break easily and they were also very light as well as affordable.

Today, manufacturers are producing frames made out of metal which are light, strong, durable and inexpensive. When choosing a material, go for something that is made from hypoallergenic materials. Also, make sure that you buy the child a frame that fits well on the bridge of their noses. You should also pick a suitable temple style and if possible go with a pair that is equipped with spring hinges. Last but not least, you must pick a suitable lens material. Polycarbonate lenses are good for children’s glasses and their prices are also at par with those of regular lenses that are made out of plastic.