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Photochromic Transition Glasses

Photochromic or Transition are the kind lenses that react to UV light. they stay clear Indoor when deactivated (approximately 15% absorption), and outdoors they respond to the harmful UVA and UVB rays darkening down as sunglasses, serving to protect your eyes against the long term effects of sunlight. They are available in Grey, Brown, Pink and Purple, these all filter 100% of UV light.

Pink and Purple Photo-chromic lenses react to light in the same way as the Grey and Brown lenses, however they are a subtle tint, approximately tinting to 30% absorption when in the Sun.

It is strongly advised that photochromic glasses are not used for night driving or in any dark environment in which critical judgment is required.


Photochromic (Transition) Lenses darken to UV light.

To order Photochromic Lens, please pick a frame first, then follow step by step instruction to fill out RX and selection lens you like.







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