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Ultimate Thin 1.74 Index Lens

Explore the pleasure of wearing glasses with Ultimate Thin 1.74AS Index Lens. It is the thinnest lens possible and flattest lens available on the market today.

These 1.74 Aspheric Lens are an incredible 50% thinner than a standard plastic lens and three times lighter than glass lens. All of our Ultimate Thin Lens comes with UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are mid to high prescription wearer, you will no longer have to suffer the dreaded magnified or minifiend eye look that has put you off wearing glasses in the past.

Try it and you will be glad you did !!!


To order those beautiful lens, please go back to home page, pick frame you like, then follow step by step instruction to fill out your RX and selection lens package


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