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Save up to 80% to buy cheap glasses, including prescription eyeglasses, discount prescription sunglasses. Select the prescription lenses & eyeglass frames, and get your new glasses, reading glasses, bifocal lenses or progressive lens eyeglasses at lower prices.
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Welcome to Cheap Glasses 123, here you can buy cheap eyeglasses with high quality at discounted price. Choose your eyeglass frames & lens, fill in your prescription,  and you will get your cheap  prescription glasses delivered to your door.

We sell cheap glasses from just $19.00. Save up to 80% on reading glasses, glasses frames, prescription sunglasses, and get your cheap prescription glasses online really a happy time. We also offer some discount glasses, progressive lenses,  our new Sport prescription sunglasses, Safety prescription sunglasses, Motorcycle Goggles, and Sunglasses Over Glasses are well sold also.  What's more, we offer 100% risk free purchase experience with 14 day return/exchange policy. Plus all our products include the following free services:

1. Free uv400 treatment 2. Free scratch coating 3. Free Anti-Reflective Coating, 4. Free hard case and micro fiber cloth case


Fashion Sunglasses

S2500 C7 Prescription Sunglasses
$139.00  $39.00
S9628 Brown Prescription Sunglasses
$198.00  $49.00
S9199 Red Prescription Sunglasses
$120.00  $39.00
LS2101 Black Prescription Sunglasses
$198.00  $49.00
TR90 SM1359 C3 Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00
S9730 Red Prescription Sunglasses
$118.00  $69.00

Discount Glasses

A7011 Black Red Prescription Glasses
$139.00  $39.00
M56132 Pink Womens Glasses
$139.00  $39.00
TR8807 Demi Amber Womens Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
B81108 Black/White Cheap Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
A1615 Black Discount Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
TR1816 Wood/Gold Prescription Glasses
$98.00  $49.00

New Prescription Eyeglasses

TR90 C510 Kids Eyeglasses with Black Frame
$218.00  $29.00
HM1033 Black/Red Plastic Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
HM1023 Purple Discount Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
B81109 Black Plastic Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
A9831 Black Prescription Glasses
$234.00  $29.00
A5238 Demi Plastic Eyeglasses
$188.00  $29.00

Cheap Prescription Glasses

HM1023 Purple Discount Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
E9857 Brown/Demi Amber Womens Glasses
$98.00  $39.00
B81109 Demi Amber Discount Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
B81117 Black C7 Cheap Glasses
$98.00  $49.00
A1856 Black Red Eyeglasses
$98.00  $18.95
BL8007C262 Brown Discount Glasses
$118.00  $29.00

Promotional Glasses

A1613 Pink Discount Eyeglasses
$98.00  $49.00
BL6288 Brown Womens Eyeglasses
$98.00  $39.00
B2267 Pink Womens Eyeglasses
$128.00  $39.00
A2310 Women Eyeglasses Black Frames
$216.00  $69.00
A1201 Hand Made Accetate Glasses Brown
$135.00  $39.00
A6812 Demi Amber Cheap Eyeglasses
$108.00  $29.00

Latest Glasses News

  Reading glasses are essential for all age group. One thing that you should be aware about is that we all need reading glasses, especially when we start to age and when our vision is impaired because of advancing years. Surgery is an option available  
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What Our Customers Saying about


Only took 10 business days for them to arrive in my mailbox. I put them on and they are GREAT! Excellent PROMPT customer service both via email and telephone. I will be buying more prescription eyeglasses from this place as well as referring others.

I just received my glasses today and they exceed all of my expectations! The quality of the frames and lenses are top notch. I was worried about ordering glasses online because my prescription is very strong. I did pay extra for the ultra high index lens package but it was worth every prescription was exact and my lenses were very thin. Overall, these glasses are very stylish and the fit is great! I plan on ordering a second pair now as my backup pair.

My glasses finally arrived today. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank You for a great product and excellent customer service. -Tenna Olsen 4/9/2017
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How easy is it to order prescription glasses online?

Ordering glasses or cheap eyeglasses online can be the easiest thing you’ve done to save money in a long time, even if you have a glasses prescription. Cheap prescription glasses are our specialty.

Three simple steps. Here’s what you need to do in order to claim your cheap glasses online:

  1. Obtain your glasses prescription from your optician. Make sure ask for your Pupil Distance (PD).
  2. Browse our selection of cheap glasses and select your lens and your eyeglasses frame online, then follow the instructions and fill out all the forward information that is needed.
  3. Get your cheap, discount glasses delivered to your door.

Should you have any questions at all about how to claim your cheap glasses online, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is always here to help you discover the best pair of cheap glasses at discounted prices. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Our customer service staff can be reached online, via phone, forums, blog, or email. For detailed information, please go to our contact page.

How can we discount glasses so much?

Simple. We are the glasses manufacturer.

Since we are bringing discount glasses from the factory directly to you, via the internet, we don't have the additional overhead constraints and expenses that the traditional non-discount glasses retailer will have. We have eliminated distributor and wholesaler mark-ups on our whole line of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses along with the costs of retail space, behind-the-counter employees, and warehousing. Thus the steep discount is passed on to you, the general public. Discount  eyeglasses online is what we are.

How is the quality of your cheap glasses compare to the eye glasses sold in a retail store?

Our cheap eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as the glasses sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discount.

We have been a manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Seeing the need for cheap or discounted, high quality prescription glasses in the market, we decided to launch this web site to bring ordinary consumers our professional grade products and service at a huge discount.

Further, the discount prescription eyeglasses are also come with free UV400 treatment and Scratch Resistance Coating at no extra cost.

What type of glasses do you carry?

Our line of glasses are the most extensive in the industry. We carry three main categories of Glasses: Single Vision Glasses, Bifcal Glasses, Progressive Glasses, Reading Glasses and Prescription Sunglasses.

Under each category, we have four main lens material types: Clear Lens, Tinted Prescription Sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses,Transition Sunglasses,  Sport prescription sunglasses, Safety prescription sunglasses, Motorcycle Goggles, and Sunglasses Over Glasses

What type of glasses frames do you carry?

We carry all the latest material and style of the optical industry. Our glasses frames include metal frames, plastic frames, bendable frames, and titanium frames, style wise, we have rimless glasses frames, full rim glasses frames, semi-rimless glasses frames, and eyeglasses for kids.

Our cheaper eyeglasses are of the same, if not better, quality as those sold in a normal retail store, just with a steep discounted prices.

What is your prescription glasses warranty policy?

We take great pride in maintaining highest quality standard in the industry. During the entire prescription glasses production process, we apply a "Total Quality Control" method through every step of production. The best glasses materials and latest technology is used and every product is mechanically tested and visually inspected by certified technician before leaving the factory.

However in the unlikely case, if you are unsatisfied with your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses for any reason, you may exchange for a new pair or return it:

  1. If it is our mistake, we will replace it at no cost to you (price difference will be charged if customer would like another eyeglass frame with higher value).
  2. If customer does not like the look of the frame, you can exchange for a different pair of glasses at 50% of the cost.
  3. If customer wishes to change the prescription, you can also exchange for a different pair of glasses at 50% of the cost.
  4. If customer would like to return the glasses for any reason,we would be glad to do so with 50% restocking fee. Lens are not refundable.

The industry standard on custom produced merchandise is that the order is charged at the placement of the order, and that there is refund due if the order was filled in accordance with the specifications of its placement. Our policy of a fifty percent refund on this custom made product, is therefore, very generous.

If you want to return or exchange the prescription glasses, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the glasses to get a Return/Exchange Authorization Number, then send back the glasses with an order copy and case, we will process the exchange order or send you the refund upon receipt of your glasses.

*shipping and handling are not refundable.

How to buy eyeglasses online?

Now that you have selected a perfect frame for your eyeglasses you need to make a decision on the type of lenses you want to choose. You can either choose glass lenses but they will add to the weight of your eyewear. If you are a little clumsy and always keep dropping your eyeglasses then you must go for the lenses made of plastic or fiber as they are light as well unbreakable.

How to find high quality cheap glasses?

High-quality glasses have many benefits over cheap glasses. Higher-quality glasses are made from finer materials. This ensures the glasses will stay together and also hold the form they have been molded to. Cheap glasses frequently bend or break. Higher-quality glasses have a trusted company or designer name behind the product. This name is reflective of the quality of workmanship and trade that company is offering to you. Higher-quality glasses have a guarantee or warranty that allows you to have piece of mind when purchasing their glasses over an unknown name. Unfortunately, higher quality glasses also have the higher price tag that comes with such piece of mind and trade comfort.

What makes discount eyeglasses so popular?

Until recently, prescription eyeglasses could only be purchased after visiting an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Prices for a standard exam alone started around $400.00 and the limited selection of eyeglasses at the Ophthalmologist further discouraged the entire visit. To have glasses was to own one pair only.

A Great Deal on Kid’s Glasses Online

It is not difficult to find the cheap rates of eye wear in today’s world. People can easily get the low rates in such products by looking at the discount offers and the sales in such variety. Even some non-branded eye wear is available at such a low rate that any one, who is fond of wearing them, can purchase the glasses according to their personal interest. But then, the consciousness among the general public arises related to the cost effectiveness. Many people think that buying eye glasses cheaply might affect their eye sight and they do not want to compromise that by purchasing a cheap product. But it is to be corrected that today, there are many firms offering low rates in eye wear variety.
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How to select the best online eyeglasses retailer?

In order to buy the best online eyeglasses you need to ensure that you select the best eyeglass retailer. Today technology has advanced to an extent that people like to do everything online. You can buy your eyeglasses online according to your own convenience. It gives you several benefits that one cannot avail otherwise. Today people like to buy both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses from online retailers. There is a plethora of retailers that offer their services but in order to select the best online eyeglasses, you need to select one very carefully. Below are a few points that can help you in your search.
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What to find in the perfect Cheap Glasses Online?

The Web has placed the worlds’ stores at your doorstep. Now, an innovative approach to shopping allows you to easily find high quality glasses online. In choosing your online eyeglasses, a few guidelines will help you know where to look for the best quality at the greatest savings. Your eyeglass provider should meet three guidelines: selection, savings and service. These guidelines will assure you have chosen the best glasses at the greatest savings to you.

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